Dealing With it Tupac’s Style: Dark Side of the Moon

I am here to write about the dark side of the moon or when life gets tough and shoots lemons in your heart.
The blood and lemon juice will not make lemonade in your heart, you will need to slowly, painfully ooze out the lemon juice to purify your heart of it’s acidic nature or heal the wound naturally. Wow….wow is all I can say.

In my life I have been going through what is called the dark side of the moon. A phase that has left me exhausted and broken hearted. As Tupac says “for every dark night there’s a brighter day.” I am truly looking forward to that brighter day.
Without going into extreme detail everyone goes through challenges, whether it be from losing a loved one, having your heart broken, dealing with the stresses of life, or perhaps losing closeness to God himself; life can get hard, does get difficult, and tests us in ways we never thought we would have to endure.
As an educator I have experienced that my life unfortunately ceases to be solely my life, but instead becomes an integrated part of the school. Your personal life becomes aired daily from little kids mouths, up the ladder to parents, and circulates through coworkers like veins in a community body. The community of people knowing somewhat of your business is well part of the job description not talked about.
My work and my life are so closely related it is hard to separate the two. When my physical body, energy, heart, sacrifice, and soul goes into my work it is difficult to keep that smile going when I feel like breaking down and crying.
Just like students have a hard time avoiding bringing their problems to school, it is hard for an adult to mask the same lingering taste of pain, stress, and hardship.
I know that without self love, acceptance, support from friends, coworkers, and family, the dark side would remain maybe not forever, but longer.
I know that the dark side of the moon will pass with time. Things change as the passing of light  in crescent picture frame fragments slowly sliding revealing the moon’s beauty. I  will wait gently on my heart to heal. Only to wait patiently for a brighter day, a brighter tomorrow, a lingering hope of somehow knowing these challenges that I face, that everyone faces, will get through by the grace and guidance of God’s tender, loving, and gentle hand of peace.

Life teaches us, time and time again that to every darkened night there’s the loving grace of day. Tupac Style.


Getting to know Like Minded Kindred Teachers

Since the long move to Ohio I haven’t met any potential friends. Well until… The oh so kind universe has concocted a meeting of kindred teachers of like mind.
If your a teacher or soon to be it’s uber important to find teachers of like mind especially your first year of teaching.

What do I mean by finding teachers of like mind? Well I mean teachers whose Philosophy is similar to yours; personality, character, and reasons why you are a teacher.

My kindred teacher friends happen to be very loving, compassionate, kind, meek, strict, lovers of English, learning, and helping others.

They have 10-15 years in their pocket and have taken me under their wing and gee golly gee whiz I am so grateful!

I love how our convos consist of excited banter on fun folder activities for the kids. Each pocket for note cards can be character, setting, plot, vocab, or characters actions vs. character dialogue. Gee that’s a really good idea.
We exchange our ideas and swap them like shared treasures.

The awesome uplift in encouragement, the lifting up of spirits in confidence and creativity and abilities is much needed from fellow kindred teachers. What do you guys think about doing a slam poetry tea party outside for a lesson?! Yeah I’ve thought about having kids draw with chalk about a character, theme or concept.

Yes of course there’s the soap box we all need to dispensed from our irritated shoulders like “kids these days” or “kids are going through rough times than ever before” but for the most part it is encouragement and engagement with fellow educators that helps teachers stay teachers and improve.

Life teaches teachers to be friends to one another to uplift and encourage one another, and to share our gifts unfailingly.

Judging Others Means Judging Yourself; Caring what others think of you

We are all like a room full of mirrors reflecting the essence of who we are, identifying with each other’s experience, and being the creators of our own.

In a span of a few minutes I had an interesting life lesson revealed. I found myself judging a yoga instructor on youtube, thinking, “Ahha! She isn’t perfect! She even seems to be a little egotistical! I’m just a tad bit better in that respect.”

I know horrible huh.
I stopped for awhile to assess my sinful judgement.

“Stop judging you judger! You!” I thought.
“Gosh look at you now your way up there huh, ya come back down to this old familiar town called earth”

I looked a little deeper. Well dug is more like it. I dug and dug deep.

It was really an issue stemming from being judged myself. Or misjudged I should say.
And that’s what really was bothering me.
It wasn’t Adriene the yoga instructor at all on youtube. It was Mrs. Mahself and I and taking offense to what others thought of me.

It ended right there. The judging of the yoga instructor. The judging of myself for judging. The blemish of the judger who judged me. Of the whole mental ordeal. I forgave all involved. It was all just a little misunderstanding. A little drama to end the day.

I’m happy to know that meditation and prayer or internal work is paying off by being able to capture each thought and evaluate motives, emotions, situations with a positive outlook and objective lens. And It’s barely the beginning.

-life teaches us to let go of judgements of others and of ourselves

Stay Healthy While Living in the World; Solar Nutrition Style


I’ve been recently reading and trying out, “Yes, No, Maybe” Chronobiotic Nutrition by Marcella Vonn Harting and G.I Atom Bergstrom. My dad has pestered me since I was really young to start eating soaked almonds in the morning. At 9, you have no idea why it is such a big deal.

If your interested in the healing power of food I’d recommend this book.

In summary, Life is all about perfect timing, and eating is no exception. Solar Nutrition is eating Trees, Bush, and Roots in correspondence with eating those foods in the Morning, Afternoon, and Night time. It’s not what you eat so much as how much and when.

Oh and eat your soaked almonds in the morning to help your stomach with digestion (in case you eat out of time).

The results?

Frequent bowel movements, little or no gas, feeling light in my body, being more conscious of my thoughts.

Am I perfectly solar? No.

Just by incorporating more variety and real organic living food into your daily eating habits do you feel more energy and aliveness.

How does this affect teaching?

The better I feel the more patience I have, confidence, and aliveness. The more health we can incorporate to our daily lives, the quality of our ‘work’ becomes enriched and more a part of adding to our health.

Nice cycle of health continues to flow.

Life teaches Us and teachers to break old habits and create more healthy habits in perfect timing, what better time than right Now. 🙂

Living A Balanced Lifestyle

>”Time ticks away once and then is gone, so spend it wisely. There’s never too much time spent nourishing yourself and your soul.” -My own Quote

This year has flown like a hawk dipping and diving. I don’t know if I told you but being a jobless graduate isn’t as bad as you would think. It has lent me endless possibilities. As soon as I let go of the thought of finding a job I regained composure and started fueling my will power and thought patterns into, I will get a job not I want. And… so I did.

I will start my first year as an 8th grade English Teacher in the wild west once again or Viva Las Vegas.

Goodbye cold winters! Sayonara. Hasta La vista baby. Anyways.

I am super excited. I intensely missed the dessert climate and had no idea how attached to the landscape I was or to Mexican food.

I envision to be my best self in all things I do. Through being up in Ohio I have learned much more than about my career. I also realized a few important aspects that I absolutely need in order to feel balanced, healthy, and energized.

1) I need meditation and prayer everyday, twice, three, times more the better I need it

2) eating healthy. Cooking a balanced meal with time conscious awareness. Feeling how my body reacts to certain foods at certain times and creating balance. Essential.

3) Yoga. It is mediation and a natural massage at the same time and its FREE! Getting those tense knots out of my back and neck are super important.

4) not spending too much time on the internet or with technology. I lose a ton of time just googling or watching youtube. that actually ,I’ve noticed, has made me feel more stress and less connected to reality. Super important to take a vaca from technology for a few days. take a walk, clean the house, read a real book.

5) exercise. Running in a forest is awesome, anywhere in nature is much needed. get out get moving.

6)positive attitude. I really feel the importance of balance in body, mind, and spirit is essential in creating a positive attitude. A positive attitude is tied into those things. The more healthier food I eat the more better I feel less stressed and more energy, which helps my moods. doing yoga is instant happiness, and feeling connected to the breath and the body. Meditation is just pure essence and being. Prayer is connection to God.

By incorporating these essential needs into my life I am happy. Period. Absolutely. Your body, mind, and spirit needs to be nourished everyday you can’t take a day off from that. It will be interesting to see how my life changes and how to live a spiritual/Islamic (whatever religion you are) life in a worldly life. I just heard from a lecture that it is possible and if you take 1 or 2 hours a day kept away for yourself for your spiritual, mental, and overall health then it is possible. But you must have desire or Will.

Life Teaches Us to Give Time to Nourish Ourselves and Our Souls.

p.s. There is a reason I mentioned Islam and more blogs soon about that 🙂

Elena Ferrante’s “The Story of a New Name” and “My Brilliant Friend” The Psychology of Best Friends

imageWe can learn so much from books especially when it comes to life lessons and the process’s of our emotions.

I have to review this book since it has moved me in such a way I have to write about it. The language itself is so natural and true to life that it almost is life but in another time and space, Italy 1960.

I can especially relate to the main protagonist, Elena in so many of her tendencies in people pleasing and never pleased enough with herself or confident in herself, in her abilities, or capabilities. Always wanting what is outside herself. That uncomfortable feeling of growing up and becoming a confident adult while wrestling with poverty, violence, sexism, and an uneducated, in academics, as well as, in life, society.

Elenas and Lina’s friendship is fueled by jealousy, competition, and the love of knowledge that helps them to escape their world of violence, poverty, and cyclical traumas of the towns families.

Poverty and violence creates two distinct cases of people, Elena and Lina.

Elena is passive aggressive, self conscious, has low self esteem, and is smart but doesn’t think she is. Lina is very brilliant with a high IQ, aggressive, stubborn, mean, over confident, forceful, and has extreme pride in her brilliance. However despite this she gets swallowed up in marriage at the young age of 16. She chooses the path of what seems to be the least resistance and is almost later punished for it.
Elena compared to Lina, is completely brave and blessed in her journey as a writer. Lina is so afraid of being independent and of formless realities that cannot cradle her existence. Elena escapes her small town to attend the university her perceived source of freedom, while Lina endures an abusive marriage thinking at first it was a true ticket to paradise marrying a wealthy man that she thought she knew and loved.

Lina is Elena’s antithesis or a reflection of what Elena is most afraid of and wants so much to be, intellectually. It’s a duality of mirrors. Elena for Lina is a constant reminder of what she could have achieved. No matter what Elena achieves Lina could have done better. But in reality Lina perpetuates the problems of violence and poverty by trying intellectually to solve a spiritually barren problem.

This story is a mirror reflection of life in a nutshell. If you believe art embodies life then this novel is certainly so. A psychological artwork so to speak displayed through the characters themselves. A tapestry of the psychological process’s of unhappiness and happiness growing up.

Little is know about the author, and on purpose. Elena says once she writes a book it is no longer hers. But clearly the author and the protagonist have a lot in common, the clues are there perhaps on purpose perhaps not. Or maybe she finally learned what the protagonist in the novel needs to learn, to just love the process itself for its own value, real passion for passions sake. Here’s to learning and life being how we create.

I would highly recommend this book. If you are a male reader it would be so interesting to know what you think from a male perspective!

Good books teaches Us to be strong, confident, independent, dependent on source of life that is God, grateful for good books, and to love the process of life itself!
P.s I was looking up baby names and their meanings Lina means night and Elena of course bright



You Shut The Door Surely There’s Another Waiting…

When one door closes… As they say, even when you, yourself, close the door there is a new opportunity waiting.

All I hope is that I closed the right one… 🙂

I just really really hope the one I closed brings me ever closer to God.

Whatever decision we make we must keep in mind that God should be our ultimate goal (as Yasmin Mogahed talks about, youtube her she’s great).
This life is just the means to get to our ultimate goal, I.e God.

Lovely way of putting it.

I recently quit my job. And you know what, it felt great.
I feel free and like a huge weight has lifted off me.

But more importantly I feel that this weight lifting meant it was the right thing. I feel less stressed, more able to enjoy and look forward to life.

It is also pointing me in the direction of being an English teacher.
Now I will be subbing and gaining more experience.

But who knows what God has planned for me and you know what…
I’m not worried one bit.
If it’s to teach, if it’s to write a novel, translate texts, go back to school, hiking quietly in the woods, crochet, or twiddle my little thumbs,
I don’t mind so long as it brings me closer to God, and with the closeness comes peace, joy, love, and ultimate contentment.

The true richness of life is eternal connectivity to our creative intelligence.

Life teaches us no matter what door we close, to live in consistent guidance and connection with our creator, always and forever.

When in Doubt, Be Kind


I think this blog from my Life teaches, Even Teacher are Taught  is necessary for this blog as well…

High school flashbacks in the workplace are sometimes hard to avoid when coworkers seem to be physically, mentally, and totally stuck in the high school hierarchy mentality, eyes glued to it, mind attached to an egocentric domineering perspective in the present moment. People, by their actions, words, and thoughts, totally affect their environment and other people.

How we want to live our lives is shaped by how we internalize or react to other people’s baggage, anger, or jealousy.

Life teaches not only teachers but students too, to not be sucked in or to be stuck with other people’s mental anguish, insecurities, or anger. It is up to ourselves to react in a detached manner (detach ourselves from their reactions, thoughts, and feelings) so that their mental time warp remains theirs and does not affect us.

Fight their flashback of mental trauma and resentment with love, kindness, and a positive and happy attitude. ALWAYS. It might drive them crazier just enough to make them realize how crazy THEY are being and not you, the deposit or aim of their emotions.

Stand firmly in yourself and know your limits and boundaries, but do not retaliate unkindness with unkindness. Kill them with kindness instead. They will be faced with their own mental anguish as their own. It does not have to be a part of our lives.

Life teaches us to be kind to others no matter how horrible we are treated.

Because will we choose to be happy or let others dictate our happiness by our reaction to their unhappiness?

I choose happiness.

-Life teaches, Teachers are no exception.

Lesson Reincarnate

You learn a lesson only to forget and then remember once again.

This is my lesson reincarnated in the same exact situation repeating itself over and over.

Dear Sarah,  

Do not dwell in making other people happy or to please them because God can only do that. Nothing you can do for someone else will suffice. That is not what we are here to do. We are here to please the Great One above, below, and inbetween, all that is. He is our sovereign. That is enough. Giving respect to others is not the same as trying to please or make someone happy. Respecting another is to deeply admire and esteem someone. Admiring others and valuing them as worthy is good. But. It is also okay to state our boundaries and our limits with others or to say what bothers us. If it bothers another person they are not respecting our boundaries. It is ok for others to be unhappy with you. It will happen and you have no control over it. You only have control over your own actions. thoughts, and emotions. God is the only true solace. Please Please remember this. All you can do is focus on your own actions. The rest God will take care of. Amen.


Your lesson Reincarnated


You might want to read me in a week. 😉


Sage Tea and Janet Evanovich Kind of Day


Dear Readers,

The weather is 16 below here. I forgot what it was like living in the wild west El Paso where winter is a perfect 21. Sun sun sun. Mr. Golden sun where did you go….

Having a bad winter storm isn’t so bad especially in the 21st century. Work got called off and now I have the whole day to relax and enjoy a laugh out loud Stephanie Plum novel with some sage tea on the side. Now can life get any better? For now I am making the best out of it.

Life teaches to enjoy the storm. Opportunities arise and we have to rise up to the occasion. Cheers to Life everyone,

-Life Teaches Us to Enjoy

simple moments and simple pleasures

p.s. I am still developing my voice with this whole blogging thing. So a lot of experimentation and weird stuff might be happening on this blog. I still do not know what exactly will be the overall theme or expectation throughout my posts. Just to say I am enjoying it and wish everyone a happy blogging!